’Violet Flame’ Energy

Violet Flame is a lesser known energy, in comparison to other forms of healing energies such as Reiki or Seichem. Just as individuals can be attuned to channel Reiki and Seichem energies, the same attunement principles apply to Violet Flame, meaning you can be attuned via a practitioner with attunement capabilities.

Violet Flame energy is channelled through the chakras in the palms of the hands. It can be channelled simultaneously alongside Reiki and Seichem energies. When administering treatments to clients I invoke all 3 energies, Reiki, Seichem and Violet Flame, ensuring a very thorough healing session, aimed towards the individual’s highest good.

The spiritual keeper of the Violet Flame energy is said to be Saint Germain (pictured below). By calling forth his presence during a treatment, he is said to assist in transmuting energies to help facilitate healing during the session.

The energy is considered a form of fire, hence the name ‘Violet Flame’. During a Reiki/Seichem treatment, energies no longer of use to the individual can be powerfully transmuted by the Violet Flame energy, therefore neutralising their negative impact. This can aid in clearing and freeing the recipient’s life force, allowing healing to take place. I have noticed both Violet Flame and Seichem have dramatically enhanced Reiki treatments received by my clients. After receiving the energies many clients have commented on sensations and revelations experienced both during and after treatment, on a physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual level. The Violet Flame is particularly useful in situations of shock or stress, often resulting in a deep, inner sense of calm afterwards. Clients also often report to have slept extremely well the night following their treatment. A review from a recent client who experienced the powerful healing effects of the Reiki, Seichem and Violet Flame combination:

“I’ve had 2 treatments now and both have been amazing. Emma’s reiki in particular was really intense and the affects were long lasting. She’s professional but personable and I can’t rate her high enough. Will absolutely be booking in again soon.”

If you would like to benefit from a treatment comprising of the above 3 mentioned healing energies, contact me to book an appointment.

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