About Us

I offer alternative therapy services including Reiki and Kinesiology, located within the heart of South Wales. My clinic is nestled amongst the picturesque mountainside of Cwmcarn, a discreet, peaceful village on the outskirts of Newport. I also offer home visits upon request.

I first developed a passion for alternative therapies as a result of embarking on my own personal healing journey. Prior to turning to alternative therapies for assistance in curing my chronic health issues, I attempted many forms of conventional medicine, but to no avail. Alternative therapies assisted in my healing on every level – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The mind, body and spirit are inseparable.

I trained to become a practitioner due to my great passion and belief in alternative therapies and their capacity to stimulate the natural healing ability within each of us. My aim is to empower people to take control of their health and help them along their healing journey. I’m extremely passionate when it comes to my work and hope to promote the healing potential of holistic therapies to help others.

The therapies I offer work with the natural energy field of the body. The techniques I utilize aim to return the body’s energy to its natural balanced state. The underlying concept of energy healing is that any imbalances within an individual’s energy field can lead to illness and disease. The techniques I use can help to identify the cause of such imbalances and rectify these through the use of acupressure massage, nutritional suggestions, vibrational medicine (flower essence therapy) and a variety of other energy based work. My approach is all-natural and aims to address the root cause of health issues. The therapies I practice are suitable for both children and adults.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any queries you may have.