£30 per person – One-to-one treatment session (up to 1 hour). Includes detailed consultation and a combination of auricular acupuncture treatment techniques. Prior to leaving the clinic, magnetic adhesive ‘ear seeds’ can also be applied to ear acupuncture points to extend the treatment over the next few days, offering a comprehensive, thorough treatment.

£20 per person – This is a reduced rate for a shared treatment session. At least 2 people receive a treatment simultaneously. Bring a family member or friend to share a treatment with you in order to benefit from this reduced treatment cost. Session will last up to 1 hour.



£30 per session (up to 1hour)



Initial consultation (up to 1hour 20mins): £40

Follow-up appointments (up to 1hour): £30


Limited time offer:

Block book and pay in advance for 3 treatments and benefit from 10% discount.


Please note – all recommended nutritional supplements and/or subsequent flower essence treatment is charged separately.

Please also note – For missed or cancelled appointments with less than 24 hours notice, 50% of the treatment fee will need to be paid.