Seichem – An advanced Egyptian form of energy healing

 What is Seichem?

Seichem, pronounced ‘say-keem’, is understood to be a combination of healing energies first discovered in Egypt. ‘Seichem’ means to ‘make complete’. Seichem is believed to complete the elemental healing rays when channelled in combination with Reiki. Seichem energies utilise the earth element of Reiki as its base. Seichem then enables the channelling of the fire, water and air elements, offering a far more comprehensive healing experience. The combination of healing rays channelled during a treatment allows the re-balancing of energies at a deeper level within the chakras (the body’s energy centres). Seichem energies can also often be particularly helpful with emotional healing, as it boasts a specific healing ray which targets the core of emotional imbalances.

Reiki and Seichem energies can be channelled simultaneously or individually, depending on the needs of the client, allowing for a tailor made treatment for the highest good of the recipient.

Seichem is considered to be a relatively rare form of energy healing available here in the UK. Although it is understood to be widely practiced in Egypt.

 What does a Seichem treatment involve?

A Seichem treatment is conducted in exactly the same way as a Reiki treatment (please refer to the Reiki page on this website for details). The only difference being that additional healing energy is channelled i.e. both Reiki and Seichem healing energies are channelled simultaneously throughout the treatment, providing a much deeper healing experience for the client.

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