10 Reasons to experience Reiki healing at E.Dando Holistics

Illness and disease is believed to occur when our bodies can no longer compensate for imbalances in our subtle energy system (also known as our individual ‘life force’). During a Reiki treatment healing energy is channelled into the recipient’s body, assisting the individual’s energy system in returning to its natural, healthy, harmonious state of homeostasis (balance).

Top 10 reasons to experience Reiki at E.Dando Holistics:

  1. A truly holistic approach that supports healing on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  2. Boosts the body’s natural healing ability using non-invasive methods
  3. A gentle, soothing and deeply relaxing experience
  4. No religious/spiritual beliefs required for effectiveness
  5. Suitable for use alongside conventional medical treatment e.g. cancer treatments, long-term medication etc.
  6. Has been known to assist with management of chronic pain, mood disorders and reduce the effects of stress
  7. Suitable for people of all ages and abilities
  8. At E.Dando Holistics Reiki treatments are greatly enhanced with the additional healing energy of Seichem, making your treatment a super charged healing session! For more information on Seichem please visit our website.
  9. Treatments are tailored according to individual needs, targeting specific sites of pain/injury and/or organs and bodily systems believed to be in need of healing
  10. Home visits and event hire available. Offers available on block bookings.

Not aware of having any health issues at present? That doesn’t mean to say your body isn’t already compensating for imbalances in your energy system. Remember – prevention is better than cure! A Reiki treatment could still be of benefit to you, despite having no current health problems.

Affordable taster sessions now available. Contact us for details.